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Economic Recycling

We receive the News Leader and we always enjoy reading “Keffer's Corner”.  A recent edition (News Leader April 14th Keffer's Corner) struck a chord with me, because I have recently been addressing this same subject.  I must admit Mr. Keffer does a better job with this subject.  While he is addressing more on a retail side and we are more business to business, the theory is the same. Support & shop local.  Support your local vendor.  Give them the opportunity, look at what they have to offer. He calls it “economic recycling”.  He also states the sales dollars go back into the community. With the revenue we generate from our business supported by local businesses, allows us to have income to spend locally.  When we eat at the local restaurants, purchase groceries locally, have our car washed, buy gas, and hire a handy man for projects at our home.  All of these purchases and more help us all, because these people that work at these establishments, will take their dollars, can and will end up at your business. This is derived partly because of support from your business supporting our business. Again economic recycling. 

Shop local and Vend Local.  A copy of the article is available should you care to read it in it’s entirely.

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