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Never Email Credit Card Numbers

This came up recently while dealing with a business.  They provided me a form to make a payment with a credit card. They listed an email address and a fax number.  Per the regulations of the Payment Card Industry Council prohibits a business from emailing full credit numbers, expiration dates or CVV numbers, since email is not secure. The info may be accessible to hackers. It also opens the business that processing credit cards to liability should someone’s credit card info be compromised.

Never encourage your customers to email their full credit card number by listing an email address on a payment form. I suggest go one step further, post this notation on the form: NOTE: Due to PCI Regulations do not email this form, if it has full credit card numbers, fax to the number listed or call if you can not fax so we can take the card info over the phone. 

Let us know if you can help your business with credit card processing or Point of Sale Systems.

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